About the contributors

Austin Smith

Austin is a PhD candidate in Modern History at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. His current research focuses on memory of the Asia-Pacific War and the way in which it is commemorated in peripheral regions of Japan. His MA dissertation focused on the history of Tokyo and the Olympic Games this interest is being developed and maintained towards 2020.

Austin founded Impressions of East Asia to channel research ideas and present collaborative projects during his time in Tokushima on the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme. He hopes to continue developing the site and refining its contents throughout the course of the PhD to reflect his ongoing research.

If you would like to access protected content, give feedback or contribute to this site Austin can be contacted via email – as396@st-andrews.ac.uk

Lewis Tatt

Lewis has been working in various parts of China since 2010 and is currently working at a university in Guangzhou. Lewis completed a BA (Hons) in History and an MA in East Asian History at Newcastle University, before moving to China and studying at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou. He has written articles on sites of public history which could potentially form the basis of a future PhD proposal. His research focuses on how these sites tie in with China’s patriotic education, how economic and political changes in China’s recent history have changed the way Chinese history is being presented and the different ways in which Chinese history is presented to Chinese and foreign visitors.

Lewis is also the founder of The Mandarin Corner a site for those self-studying Chinese.

He welcomes any feedback and can be contacted at – l.j.t@live.co.uk

Notes on translations

All translated content is attributed to those who played a role in the translations. The Iihara Kazuo Digital Collection and the Personal Accounts of the Tokushima Air Raids in particular were completed collaboratively due to the scale of these projects and complexity of the original Japanese.

All content on this website has been produced on a voluntary basis and original sources have been cited wherever possible. 


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